Should a nurse be held accountable for dropping a scalpel that caused my husband’s death?


Question:  During my husband’s heart bypass, the surgical nurse dropped a scalpel and nicked my husbands artery.  As a result, he died.  I’m sure that it was just an accident but should the nurse and/or the surgeon be held accountable?

Response: Accountability is what most medical malpractice claims are about.  In cases such as this, the actions of the doctor or liability for negligence of a nurse are evaluated to determine if they acted with the care and caution they should have under the circumstances.  Of course, sometimes mistakes happen.  When something tragic such as this occurs, it is still the place of the nurse, the doctor, and the hospital to take responsibility for what took place and the unfortunate results.  However, that being said, the responsible parties do not always volunteer to do the right thing, which is where the legal system comes in.  To determine if you have a medical malpractice claim, you should seek the advice of an attorney and medical expert.  They can help you determine how to proceed with your claim.

Answered by Leather Martin

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