Wrongful Death in a Nursing Home

A wrongful death law suit is not only caused by careless acts of another person, it can also occur due to lack of attention or lack of treatment. Nursing home wrongful death from neglect is most common, but it can also happen when a medical professional ignores patients’ needs. Employers of neglectful nurses face liability for negligence of a nurse that ignores a patient leading to further medical problems.

When families release their elderly loved ones to the care of a nursing home, a reasonable level of care is expected by the patients. In many cases, this does occur, however, the sad truth is that elderly neglect is more common than anyone cares to realize. The damages from nursing home abuse on an already fragile elderly person’s body may result in death, for which the registered nurse liability should be addressed.

Signs of nursing home and elderly neglect that can lead to medical wrongful death include:

  • untreated wounds
  • bed sores
  • infections
  • unsanitary conditions
  • dehydration
  • malnutrition

People in nursing homes often do not report any neglect or abuse they may be suffering because they think that, if reported, any treatments they are currently receiving will cease. Unfortunately, because of the fear of reporting their grievances, many of the elderly get sick, which, in the most severe cases, ultimately leads to death. If you have lost a loved one due to a nursing home's negligence, you may have a case for wrongful death due to neglect.

Have you lost a loved one and suspect elderly neglect? If so, contact a wrongful death attorney that specializes in elderly neglect in your

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